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About Us

We are a group of Christian authors, writers, marketers, and IT professionals who have a desire to see people publish the work God has laid on their heart.

In some way, we’ve all traveled the road of self-publishing and know how difficult and lonely it can be at times. That is why we created Christian Authors Community, so we can share what we’ve learned in our combined years of experience to others.

We love seeing God work in a way where people can realize their vision and publish the work He has laid on their heart.

Why You Should Join Us

Join a community of like-minded Christians and learn to write, publish, and promote your work without breaking the bank.

Here's just a portion of the things you can expect from this community.

  • Christian Centered Approach to Writing and Publishing
  • Readership Building Training and Coaching
  • One-on-one Access to Readership Building Coach
  • Weekly Online Training and Community Meetings
  • Library of Training Material and Information
  • Access to Network of Specialized Vendors for Editing, Marketing, Technical Services
  • Free/Discounted Listing and Advertising of Your Book
  • Discounts and Deals for Promoting Your Book

A Big Thanks

When you join, you not only help support this community monitarily, but you also contribute to the group in a way that helps everyone come together and spread God's Word!

Come be a part of something special and thank you for your participation.